i'll be yr bird

I'll sing statistics & hide the truth. I'll tell your dad anything that you want me to.

I love this so much I could cry.

"The Poetry of history lies in the quasi-miraculous fact that once, on this earth, once, on this familiar spot of ground, walked other men and women, as actual as we are today, thinking their own thoughts, swayed by their own passions, but now all gone, one generation vanishing into another, gone as utterly as we ourselves shall shortly be gone, like ghosts at cockcrow." - GM Trevelyan


The Van Der Graafs!

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If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.


― Thomas McGuane

Stanley Marsh - Amarillo, Tx

The Overthinking Person's Drinking Game 

"If you aren’t sure whether you do or don’t want to talk to your friends about it because you aren’t sure whether you are a reasonable person experiencing occasional insecurity or a neurotic person who cannot be soothed, drink."


“So any mean thing someone’s gonna think of to say about me i’ve already said to me, about me.. probably in the last half hour.”

   Girls - 1x09
“Leave Me Alone”

Not real.

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